trying to alter a theme bare with me please




:33< they don’t call me leijon fur nothing!!

:33< a mane must be purrfectly taken care of to end up as fluffy as mine~

Inbox will be open for 1-2 more hours. Hurry and send in questions while I work on my next response!

:33< the first thing i’d like to apawlogise for is my long absense. i’ve been gone the last year, and have been working very hard to improve my art (as you may know if you follow my purrsonal blog! :33)
:33< however, as such, i couldn’t really find a consistant style, and i didn’t want to have a flip-floppy blog run for you guys (as you can see my straining art style in the last few posts from before my hiatus)
:33< my hiatus was unannounced, and by the time i realised it was a hiatus, i was too… well, too embarassed to come back and announce was a big mistake on my part, and i hope that you will all accept my apawlogies.

:33< but with this comes some wonderful news! i’ve gotten used to my current art style enough to be able to hopefully do more regular updates. i’ll be re-opening this blog as of today. my first reply is on the way, i’m clearing my inbox, and if you would all like to send in asks for me to answer, i’d really apurreciate it!!

:33 < thank you everyone for being so patient with me, and i hope you’ll love askarseniccatnip 2.0 as much as you liked the original!